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NOTICE of Japanese classes ( UPDATED! ) :

Thursday - OPEN  / NO sign-up required. 

Friday- Starting in April / sign-up required*

Saturday - OPEN /  sign-up required

* If you learned on Fridays, we will let you know via email when we start the class again.

The City of Yokohama renewed the website. Information for foreign residents is available in multiple languages. Click here

Please visit our COVID-19 pages. Click here

Coming Events

Coming Events

Coming Events

Coming Events

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Information desk

We provide useful information for everyday life as well as various consultation to the foreigners living in the area.

Living Guide

This is a collection of useful information for foreign residents living in Hodogaya ward and surrounding areas.

Japanese Classes

Foreigners living in Japan are learning Japanese in everyday life. (Introductory/Beginner)

Children's Study Class

Foreigners living in Japan are learning Japanese in everyday life. (Introductory/Beginner)Elementary and Junior high school students are learning Japanese needed at school as well as receiving remedial support in the school works.

Piccolo - International Mother’ s Gathering

Foreign and Japanese mothers and preschool children spend good time together in a friendly atmosphere exchanging information and introducing their cultures.

Hello! Gathering

Foreigners and Japanese living in the area are socializing over drink and snack. We also introduce Japanese seasonal events, hold lectures on disaster prevention, play games, go an outing, and much more!