Mother Language Supporter For Children Needed!

Recruiting supporters for the children related to foreign countries by “the mother language support for initial adaptation”.

We are seeking for volunteers who can support the children related to foreign countries that transferred from abroad to elementary / junior high schools in the Hodogaya area. Support in their mother language while in school, will help these children to promptly adjust to school life, so they can study and enjoy their school.

By registering as a language volunteer at our lounge, you will be asked to work as a supporter when there is a request from a school.

 “The mother language support for initial adaptation” is approximately a 4 month paid activity.

Currently, we are lacking supporters in Chinese.
Supporters in other languages, such as English, are also accepted at all times.
If you could work as a supporter, or if you are interested, please call or email us below.

Hodogaya International Lounge

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TEL: 045-337-0012
FAX: 045-337-0013

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